Kally Sten
I used to hate On The Edge. A lot of people go there to find someone. Sometimes all they want is a one night stand, sometimes they want more – sometimes they want blood. It used to make me mad just to think about it.

When I went there that night, I was looking for a prey. I don’t usually hunt in the club; for one thing, the security personnel really don’t take too kindly on my kind ‘harassing’ the customers, as they say. For another, it’s hard to hunt in a moving crowd. But I had been given a tip that someone that had eluded me for a long time was there, and it was as good a place as any to look. It certainly beat haunting graveyards.

I never expected to find someone like Anna at the club. Or rather, I never expected that someone like Anna would find me. And never, not in my wildest dreams, did I imagine anything would come out of that chance encounter. With what I am, dating a ‘normal’ woman can be difficult, and it never was something that troubled me much – not until I met Anna and realized what I had been missing.

And so, I don’t mind the club so much anymore. I still go there, once in a while when I need to find someone, but it now feels like a warmer place; more welcoming, too. This is where I met the woman I love, so it can’t be such a terrible place, can it?
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  1. Madame D Says:

    This was a great story, I enjoyed it!! Loving under the stars *sigh* lol