Kally Sten
I still can’t believe she called me.

After our… discussion at her sister’s wedding, I was rather sure I’d never see Daisy again, and I wasn’t particularly bothered by that. She’s cute, sure. More than cute. Beautiful. Like her sister. But being glared at and all but called a charlatan are not part of what attracts me in a woman.

She doesn’t believe I can do what I say I do, she made that very clear, and she won’t let me prove her wrong, so we’re pretty much at a stalemate. I’m not sure how that meshes with her request that I read her friends’ future. Either she believes me or she thinks I’m going to con them. And since she doesn’t believe…

She’s confusing, that’s what she is. And now I wonder – what is she going to do, during that evening? Sulk in a corner while I give visions to her friends? Try to convince them not to do it – or convince them they hallucinated after they do? I can’t imagine she’d ask for a vision of her own. She made it very clear on the phone that she’s organizing this for her friends and only because they asked for it, not because she thinks it’s a good idea.

Still, she won’t be able to deny something is happening when all her friends tell her that something did. Will she change her mind, then? Will she ask – or let me talk her into it? Truth be told, I wouldn’t mind reading her. As unlikely as it is that she might be the one for me, there’s still a small chance that she could be.

I’m so tired of looking without finding.

So tired of being alone.

Could it all end – start – with that unexpected phone call?
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