Kally Sten
I’ve never felt so lonely in my life.

Just weeks ago, I was happier than I thought possible. I had my Childe and I had Kate. I was good friend with Daniel, and I had a purpose with his squad, helping to close breaches. And now… It feels like I lost everyone and everything that matters to me.

Blake was taken from us first. I’ve lost a Childe before, I know the pain of that broken bond and I could have endured that. But what happened is worse than simple death. The link between us simply vanished, like it had never existed. Like Blake had never existed.

Then Daniel refused my guidance. I thought he understood, when he asked me to turn him, what being Sire and Childe would mean. I thought I made it clear to him that he would need his Sire there to learn what it means to be a vampire, but he completely shut me out.

And Kate… Losing her might be what hurt the most, because it was my own fault if I lost her. We could have strengthened each other, supported each other, taken comfort in each other. And instead… We pulled away. We locked ourselves to the other and we drifted away.

I had everything.

What do I have now?
2 Responses
  1. Madame D Says:

    OMG!!! It killed me when they all got ripped apart!! *sniff* I hope book 3 is amazing and they get the happy ever after they deserve Kally!!

  2. Kallysten Says:

    It was a hard bit to write, even knowing they'd find each other again!
    And I'm working hard to give them that happy ending!