Kally Sten
I’ve figured out the way to reopen a breach after we close it.

Or at least, I think I figured it out. It’s not like I can try it to check if it actually works.

It has taken me a long time to make up that spell. It’ll be a hard one to cast, too. Harder than the spell to close a breach, and that one is already something.

The closing spell is how I got my big break, actually. I’ve deconstructed it, word by word and ingredient by ingredient until I could tell what each little part did and change it to open instead. The person who made up this spell was either much better at magic than I am and knew things I don’t, or they were patching things together from sources they didn’t quite understand. One or the other, and I can’t decide which is more likely. There are things in that spell that by any law of magic I know should make the whole thing useless. And still, despite them – or maybe because of them? – the spell works. Of course it works. A dozen breaches have been closed already, and the spell is spreading around, so that in just a few months, maybe even sooner, all the breaches in the world might be closed.

And that’s where my dilemma comes from. I can’t tell anyone I made a spell to reopen breaches, can I? They’d think I’m crazy. Kate would understand, but she’s so invested in this, so hurt by Blake’s disappearance, that she’d probably have me try right away without thinking it through. After all, she’s the one who suggested I try reopening the breach through which Blake fell. It was months ago, but every now and then she still asks if I’ve had any new idea about how to get Blake back. I hate to say no, but I don’t want to give her false hope. It’s bad enough that I’m hoping so much myself.

Because even if my spell works, there’s the whole part about not knowing where Blake actually is. We could think about it for weeks, plan everything, in the end all we know is where he disappeared. Who knows what the demons dimension is like? Who knows where Blake was taken?

Who knows if he’s even still alive?
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