Kally Sten
I made a mistake.

No, I made several mistakes.

The first one was to allow that woman to play with my Childe. I hear she died. I can’t be sorry she did.

The next one was to leave town without him. I was afraid that he would notice I felt guilty about that scene fiasco. I’m his Sire. I’m his Dom. I’m not supposed to feel guilt where he is concerned.

But I’m not supposed to let him get hurt – really hurt – either.

My next mistake was not to take him back with me after I returned for my things. I had planned to have him accompany me back west, but when I met that Special Enforcer, when I realized they had played together, when I saw the pictures he had drawn of her…

Jealousy is only one more thing I’m not supposed to feel.

My last mistake was to delay my return for too long. I believed Ray would have tired of his new Domme by then. I thought he’d be ready to come back to me, to someone who knows him inside and out and who can give him what he wants – and more importantly, what he needs.

I was wrong.

I made mistakes, and they cost me my Childe. It’s a heavy price to pay for a harsh lesson.
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